Record breaking divorce settlement for Former Supermodel Christina Estrada

Former Supermodel Christina Estrada has been awarded a record breaking £53 million divorce settlement.  When added to the £20 million assets she has retained, Ms Estrada is walking away from her marriage to Sheikh Walid Juffali with just under £75million.

This award is record breaking as the justification for it was her “needs”.  The former supermodel had been demanding around £196 million from her former husband based on the lifestyle they had been accustomed to and her assertion that he was worth around £8billion.  Mr Juffali denies this and states his net worth to be £113.8 million.

Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 lists criteria that the court have to have regard to when exercising their powers to make an award.  An individual’s needs is one of these criteria and in this case it has led to a substantial award being made.

Miss Estrada argued the following to be some of her needs:

  • £60million for a property in London
  • £40,000 per year for fur coats
  • £116,000 per year for handbags
  • £46,000 per year for Wimbledon and Ascot tickets
  • £83,000 for cocktail dresses
  • £495,000 for 5 cars (3 in the UK and 2 in the USA)

Mrs Justice Roberts said she was “concerned with ensuring that adequate provision is made to meet her reasonable needs.”   Therefore based on Ms Estrada’s “reasonable needs” she made the award of nearly £75 million.  Here is an extreme but important example highlighting that the courts have many things to consider when determining a financial settlement.


A former supermodel Ms Estrada was recently awarded a record breaking £75 million from her Saudi Sheikh billionaire ex-husband.  The case had been brought forward, as the ex-Husband was terminally ill.

The Order was approved by the Court two weeks ago.

Sadly, the ex- Husband passed away on Wednesday 20 July 2016, aged 61 years old, following a lengthy battle with cancer.  The High Court had ordered that the lump sum payment to Miss Estrada was to be paid by 4pm on Friday 29 July 2016.  The payment of the lump sum will now be delayed, but the payment will still have to be made, as the Order is legally binding.


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