Cosmetic Surgery Checklist For Patients

The Royal College of Surgeons is offering a cosmetic surgery checklist to help patients to choose a reputable surgeon suitable for their procedure.

The BBC News channel covered this story on the 4th October 2016 and warns “buyer beware”.

The advice highlights problems in this sector where operations are quite often carried out privately.  Stephen Cannon, Vice-President of the RCS urges patients considering procedures not to make snap decisions and warns that the current law “allows unqualified doctor-surgeons or otherwise to perform cosmetic surgery, without undertaking additional training or qualifications.”

As lawyers we would welcome the introduction of the cosmetic surgery checklist which amongst other things warns patients to check that the doctor is insured to carry out the procedure and suitably qualified. This may seem obvious, but we have been unable to obtain damages against negligent surgeons despite clear supportive evidence of negligence and the damage that it has caused.  One particular Defendant had no medical insurance and his property and assets were in his wife’s name over in Italy.

Quite often surgeons are self- employed and simply affiliated to a fancy clinic.

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular and the cosmetic surgery checklist has evolved following breast implant scandal of 2012, which highlighted that thousands of women had been provided with implants prone to rupture.

Patients should consult the College of Surgeons downloadable checklist, published on for advice on choosing the right surgeon and hospital.  It explains the risks of undergoing surgery, and complications to consider.  It suggests a section on questions to ask prior to consenting to an operation.  It recommends 2 weeks to reflect on a decision so as not to feel pressured into surgery and deals with your consultation, patient questionnaires, what to do if things go wrong and the growing trend of surgery abroad.

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