New Style Divorce Petition to be Introduced on 7 August 2017

On the evening of 17 July 2017, the Family Legal Professional advised that there would be dramatic changes to the style of the Divorce Petition when issuing Divorce Proceedings.  The new style Divorce Petition will come into effect on 7 August 2017 however, there will be a transitional period to allow old and new Petitions to be used until 4 September 2017.

The change in look and style of the Divorce Petition, which takes effect this Summer 2017, is likely to be a precursor to online divorce.  The effect is to make the divorce procedure and preparation of the Divorce Petition easier and to allow people to feel more comfortable in preparing the Divorce Petition themselves.

The Court has had repeated bounce backs of Divorce Petitions that have been incorrectly completed.  It is therefore hoped that the new look and style of the Divorce Petition will help prevent this.

The new style will have notes for guidance on the same page as the Divorce Petition, making it easier for reference.  The new style of the Divorce Petition is said to be more of question and reply style on the same page.

There are some other technical changes too and use of plain English.

These Divorce Petitions will not be available to download until 7 August 2017.  Old style Divorce Petitions can continue to be used until 4 September 2017.

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Rubina Vohra

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  1. kam says:

    what would be my position be as a british citizen (still with a british passport ) leaving in europe , married to a european if i was to get divorced and how to protect my assets under the new law changes in uk?

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