The Land Registry are to trial a wider rejection criteria for first registrations.

It has been announced by the Land Registry that in relation to first registration applications for freehold and leasehold titles they are widening the rejection criteria.  This came into effect on 14 August 2017 and will be reviewed in November 2017.   First registrations mainly apply to unregistered land meaning that the title is not registered with HM Land Registry.  The majority of land in England and Wales is registered, however the Land Registry estimate that there were around one million unregistered residential properties in England and Wales in 2016.

An application for first registration will usually be made in the following scenarios:

  1. When an unregistered title is dealt with in some way, such as being transferred, mortgaged or leased; or
  2. An application can be made voluntarily by the landowner.  One of the benefits of registering land is that it makes it easier to deal with and as the title will have been deduced previously it will make future transactions more straightforward and quicker.  In addition unregistered land is more susceptible to fraudulent activity.  The Land Registry state that “if fraud is successfully perpetrated against an individual, that they would not be able to claim the state guarantee of title and there would be no indemnity payable”.

At Forbes we can assist clients looking at registering their title by preparing and submitting the application to the Land Registry.

Forbes Solicitors has a team of experienced commercial property specialists who can assist with all aspects of buying, selling and leasing commercial property.  For more information please contact the Commercial Property team on 0333 207 1130.

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Laura Bradley is a Solicitor in the Commercial Property department at Forbes Solicitors. Within her blogs Laura deals with all aspects of commercial property including leases (from both landlord and tenant perspective), licences, acquisitions and disposals along with recent updates within the property sector.
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