Redaction and Disclosure

We are all well aware of the importance of redacting disclosure. Parties may redact disclosure for the following reasons:

  • irrelevant commercially sensitive material; or
  • confidential material; or
  • privileged material.

In the recent case of Decura IM Investments LLP v UBS G London Branch – QBD (Comm) (Eder J) 2/10/14, the Judge ordered that where documents had been redacted during disclosure, it was important for the disclosing party to provide an explanation as to why the material had been redacted, if such an explanation was sought by the receiving party. Judge Eder stated that if it is asserted that the information is relevant but contains confidential material then it is incumbent upon the party to explain so that disclosure could properly take place. He described it as unsatisfactory that in this instance this had not happened.

For advice on disclosure or compliance with the Data Protection Act, then please do not hesitate to contact Forbes for further advice.

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