Out of area placements criticised by Judge

The conviction of sexual abusers of children continues to dominate the news with the conviction this week of John Allen regarding abuse at the Bryn Alyn Community, a long running saga, and the conviction today of a group of Somali men for grooming and sexual abuse in Bristol.

Today’s conviction is significant due to the comments made by the Judge about out of area placements. The abused child in this case had been placed in Bristol by another Authority and, it is alleged, was placed in a flat on her own at the age of 16 and left “almost unsupervised” by her placing Social Workers.

The Judge, Michael Roach said “I hope there will be an opportunity for the authorities to reconsider their thinking behind such a placement because it has, on any retrospective view, added considerably to the damage of that young person,”.

Local Authorities often use out of area placements and in many cases there is no alternative due to the limited number of approved Foster carers and specialist placements. However, this direct criticism of these types of arrangements is bound to be pounced upon by Claimant’s Solicitors bringing claims against Social Services departments following the revelation of such abuse. Serious consideration needs to be given therefore about the management and supervision of such placements at a time when budgets are being cut and recruitment to Social Care is becoming increasingly difficult.

Forbes Social Services Team are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of claims against Social Services departments. If your Authority has any concerns or has received claims and requires advice do not hesitate to contact us at kella.bowers@forbessolicitors.co.uk


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