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Time For A Change? Guideline Hourly Rates

The Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, this week rejected plans to reform the guideline hourly rates for civil litigation, instead freezing the current rates which have been in force since 2010. The guideline hourly rates are widely used and … Read more

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Forbes Retail Claims Seminar – Friday 4th July 2014, Leeds

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Historical settled cases could be revived following Supreme Court ruling

Joanne Dunhill suffered a head injury in 1999. Her claim was settled in 2003 for £12,500 pre-litigation and without any admission of liability being made. In later years Ms Dunhill approached Claimant Solicitors as she felt that her settlement was … Read more

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Shoplifters, To Arrest or Detain? That is the Question for Retailers.

Legally retailers are placed in a difficult position by shoplifters.  Not only is protecting stock a serious issue but arguably they face a greater problem when they catch a shoplifter in the act (or at least have a reasonable suspicion that they have).  Security colleagues … Read more

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