Prioritising Social Value & Buying Green in Procurement

Together we are Forbes

Thursday 03 November 2016, Forbes Solicitors, Ribchester House, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2QL

Is there a place for social and environmental objectives in procurement or is it all about price? UK and EU rules do allow (and sometimes require) more than the cost to count.

When does a contracting body have the choice and how far can it go?

Using our expertise of advising on procurement of public contracts and incorporating green and innovative solutions, this Forbes briefing will consider the following:

  • where does social value begin and where does it end
  • how to incorporate social value into a tender specification
  • the Social Value Act: challenges or opportunities
  • how to demonstrate social value in your bid
  • how to incorporate green requirements into a tender specification
  • how to demonstrate your green offering through your bid
  • local jobs for local people after Brexit

The briefing is for contracting authorities (including public authorities and housing associations), commercial organisations, contractors and non-governmental organisations.

Well-planned procurement and contract management should not only be approached from a compliance perspective; the rules enable you to deliver results for your local community; and environment, produce better value for money and pursue better outcomes.

This session is free to attend. To book your place, please click here.