Protecting Your Business Through Your Contract of Employment for Resilience and Future Growth

Together we are Forbes

Tuesday 23 February 2021

9.30am - 11am


This session is delivered by Forbes Solicitors in partnership with Boost; Lancashire's Business Growth Hub. It is funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Session summary:

In this session we will explore the key points to consider for protecting businesses through employees' contracts of employment.

Contracts of employment are often seen as an administrative necessity, but they are actually a critical document in protecting a business to ensure that it is resilient to changing workforces and protecting its critical operating processes and information. The focus of the session will be on post-termination restrictions, which are often assumed to be enforceable if they are in a contract, but are rarely that in practice because of common mistakes made by employers including blanket restrictions for all employees. Other key terms of the contract will also be discussed.

We will also look at what has worked well for businesses from a practical perspective of protecting the businesses from people issues and how to plan for the future. There will be an interactive case study to implement some of the key learning points and at the end of this session there will be the opportunity for Q&A covering the points discussed.

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