Companies Act II

Together we are Forbes

Tuesday 05 February 2008, Stanley House Hotel, Mellor, BB2 7NP

Finding the Companies Act complicated? - Let us make things clear


Companies Act Seminar

The Companies Act is the largest ever Act passed by parliament. 6th April 2008 will see the next round of changes under the new Act for all companies, their directors or shareholders:

  • New rules governing the preparation of audited accounts & how companies can deal with auditors
  • April marks the end of the Company Secretary - but not for everyone
  • New rules for how companies sign contracts
  • Updated law on granting security for lenders and declaring dividends to shareholders

Those involved in managing a company can find out what is happening and be prepared.

Why should you attend?

The Act is huge. This is the second in our series of seminars on the Companies Act with more to follow covering the changes coming into force in October 2008 and October 2009.

Option 1 - Spend a few days reading & interpreting the Act yourself.

Option 2 - Pay your legal advisors to interpret it for you.

Option 3 - Take advantage of this 90 minute seminar to get an uncomplicated overview of the areas that you really need to know about.

We look forward to seeing you.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for managing a business. Directors, managers, business owners, company secretaries and accountants.

Forbes will be running further seminars on preparing for the October 2008 and October 2009 changes to the Act. These are scheduled for 21st May and 5th June 2008 with further dates to be announced for 2009.


08.00 Registration & breakfast
08.30 Recap and reflection
08.40 Accounts and auditing
08.50 Secretaries and signatures
09.10 Debentures and distribution
09.30 Planning and predicting
09.50 Questions and answers
10.00 Close

The expert speakers will be on-hand over breakfast and at the end of the seminar to answer any questions you may have regarding the Act.

The cost of the seminar is £20 + VAT per delegate including breakfast sandwiches. Please book early as places are limited at these events.