Corporate & Restructuring FAQs

Contracts for your business

Do I need to sign a business contract?

All businesses enter into contracts all the time. These contracts may not be custom drafted by… Read more

What contracts does my business need?

Businesses enter into contracts all of the time. However, there are some key contracts that are… Read more

What should I include in a distribution agreement?

A distribution agreement should firstly deal with the appointment of the distributor and the… Read more

Is employing an agent right for my business?

Depending upon the nature of your business an agency agreement may be more suitable to market… Read more

What should I include in an agency agreement?

An agency agreement should detail the agent's authority to enter into contracts on behalf… Read more

What should I include in a licensing agreement?

A licensing agreement will typically be used by business going both ways. For instance, many… Read more

What will a franchise agreement commonly contain?

A common franchise agreement will allow a franchisee permission to use the business model,… Read more

Financing your business

My business needs more money to grow. What are my options?

There are numerous funding options which are available to a growing business. These include… Read more

What is a 'charge'? - Security for Lender

A charge is a form of security offered to a lender in return for the lender providing a loan to… Read more

What is a debenture for a business loan?

A debenture is an agreement entered into between a company or the owners of a business and the… Read more

What is a personal guarantee for a business loan?

If a limited company, or another form of incorporated organisation, is entering into a loan,… Read more

How can I protect my brand?

Why is intellectual property so important for a business?

The success of many businesses is dependent upon the products of human intellect. It may be… Read more

What are the options available to me to protect my business' brand?

There are various protections available for the different forms of intellectual property. The… Read more

When can I obtain copyright?

Copyright protects creative output so long as the artistic work, be it graphic, literary,… Read more

What brands can I trade mark?

To register brand names or logos as trade marks the marks must firstly be capable of being… Read more

How do I protect my new idea for an invention or process?

A patent can be obtained to protect your rights to a new invention. If a patent is granted, the… Read more

What about my business' reputation? Can that be protected?

The best way to protect a business' reputation is through the use of a trade mark. Trade… Read more

Can I keep the secrets of my trade confidential?

The best means of protecting information considered to be confidential is to enter into an… Read more


Differences in buying a business from insolvent and solvent companies

Unlike a purchase from a solvent company where the buyer can expect the seller to provide… Read more

Key contracts and third party assets in the purchase of a business

The terms of most of these types of agreements would be prevented from being transferred… Read more

A business has assets on retention of title, how are these dealt with?

In our experience how these assets are dealt depends entirely on the deal in question. The… Read more

What is the position regarding employees during a business sale?

The application of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (&#… Read more

How can a buyer of a business minimise the potential risks?

Firstly and most importantly the buyer must carry out validity checks as to the appointment of… Read more

Professional Partnership

I run a business with another person. How do we set up a partnership?

No formal agreement has to be entered into in order to establish a professional partnership. A… Read more

We don't have a partnership agreement. What rights do I have?

In the absence of a partnership agreement between business partners the law will step in to… Read more

What to consider before entering into a professional partnership?

Before entering into a partnership it is important to consider the various rights each partner… Read more

I want to leave a business partnership. How do I go about this?

If you entered into a partnership agreement when becoming a partner the first step when… Read more

Purchase of a business

What are the first steps in buying an existing business?

After identifying a business which you would like to purchase and confirming that the owner is… Read more

What is the process involved in purchasing the business?

Once initial negotiations have concluded the parties may wish to sign up to Heads of Agreement… Read more

How can I finance the purchase of a business?

There are various options open to a potential buyer to fund the purchase of a business. Below… Read more

How can I be sure that the business I buy is successful?

Overall you can't. That is why before entering into an agreement to buy a business it is… Read more

What will happen after the purchase of a business?

Upon completion of the purchase the contracts are entered into, the payment price is… Read more

Setting up a business

What should I consider before setting up my business?

When setting up a business it is important to consider the various entities through which the… Read more

Differences between a limited company, a partnership and sole trader?

· A sole trader is one individual person who owns and runs a business on his or her own… Read more

Agreements for governing and running a company with other people

It is important that no matter who you go into business with, whether friends or family or… Read more

What is a company shareholders agreement?

This is a contract between the shareholders of the company and sets out how the relationship… Read more

What is a partnership/members business agreement?

A partnership is formed simply when two or more people carry on a business with a view to… Read more

How do i find out if the company name i want is available?

The names of every private limited company incorporated in England, Wales and Scotland are… Read more

My business needs more money to help it grow. What are my options?

There are numerous funding options which are available to a growing business. These include… Read more

How can I protect my business' brand?

Your business may have built up a reputation with a certain logo or name or the logos and names… Read more

What are the considerations for using the internet to sell products?

Although using the internet can make it much easier for a business to advertise and sell its… Read more

Terms and conditions

Does my business need standard terms and conditions?

When selling goods or services to a customer the price and the quantity will often be agreed… Read more

What should the terms and conditions of my business cover?

The terms and conditions used by a business very much depend on the type of the goods or… Read more

What are exclusion clauses in terms and conditions?

Exclusion clauses are provisions found in terms and conditions that exclude or limit your… Read more

How far can I limit my liability for issues with my business?

Standard terms and conditions cannot be used to exclude all liability in all circumstances. The… Read more

How to limit liability if I am selling to a consumer?

The law affords much more protection to a consumer than it does to a business. Terms and… Read more

What is a 'consumer'?

A 'consumer' is anyone who buys goods or services from a business in his personal… Read more

Will I have to change my terms and conditions to sell on the internet?

If a business wishes to sell its goods or services to consumers over the internet, it must… Read more

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Corporate & Restructuring

28 Feb 2017


Forbes Solicitors Appoints Jennifer Bell

Corporate Lawyer Jennifer Bell has joined Forbes Solicitors as the firm continues to grow its Commercial Team…

Read the article

Forbes was instrumental in ensuring Electric Coffee Co is able to meet its growth ambitions.

Adnan Anwar
Electric Coffee Co

More clients

Forbes Solicitors have acted on behalf of WEC Group Limited for many years providing advice on a range of matters including Corporate & Restructuring and Commercial Property.

Wayne Wild
WEC Group Limited

More clients

John provides practical and concise advice and support in a professional and timely manner.

Gavin Birchall
Dose Design

More clients

It is always a pleasure to deal with true professionals and specialists in their area and this is what you can expect when dealing with Forbes and, in our case, specifically Nick and Gemma.

Gareth & Janet Watson
Zinge Industries

More clients

The team not only provides professional and practical advice, but also takes a personal interest to understand the business and the matter at hand.

Mark Delaney
Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group

More clients

The advice and service that we receive from Pauline and her colleagues is consistently professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They have a great ethos and are a pleasure to work with.

Andy Platt
Focus Insolvency Group

More clients

What a pleasure to do business with Forbes - Pauline Rigby & Nick Pickup both understood my personal objectives and requirements

John Laycock
Former Business Owner

More clients

I would like to thank Jayne and the Business Law team for being so friendly, professional and patient throughout the sale.

Arthur Porter
Oak Glen

More clients

We have been very happy with the professional service from Pauline Rigby and her colleagues in the Business Law team and the ease of purchasing our new business

Andrew M Jones
Internet Trading Ltd

More clients

Thanks John, your services have been impeccable and as such I will have no hesitation to recommend both your services and those of Forbes Solicitors.

Gill Bond
GM Bespoke Events

More clients

I and the UCLan team wanted to acknowledge the support from your team, including Nick Pickup and Pauline Rigby. Their contribution has been much appreciated by both clients and our staff.

John Lonsdale
Head of Innovation and Enterprise

More clients

Sincere thanks for all the time, patience and professionalism from Pauline and Tricia in the completion of MAP12 contract terms and conditions.

Jayne & Anthony Mellor
MAP12 Ltd

More clients

It's a One Stop Shop as a legal entity, whatever problem we've got you've got someone to come and advise us or fix it

Craig Bancroft
Managing Director
The Northcote Group

More clients

We have always found Forbes to be approachable and helpful and we look forward to a continuing professional relationship

John Tempest
Chief Executive
Child Action Northwest

More clients

I have been extremely pleased with the legal team at Forbes and all their help

Tracy Malham
South Lakes Veterinary Centre

More clients

The team at Forbes have been professional, thorough, friendly and efficient from day one through to completion. We will certainly be using them again as we look to move our business forward.

Stuart Wilson
S & L Wilson

More clients

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