Family/Divorce FAQs

How can I divorce?

If you have not been separated for two years or longer, and if you wish to divorce immediately… Read more

What happens to the children after a divorce?

The children can be overlooked when parents' emotions are raw, the children can even be… Read more

Who gets the house after a divorce?

On divorce, as a general rule, all assets are usually considered "family assets"… Read more

Is a pension part of the assets during a divorce?

Pension values have always been taken into account when dividing assets. Publicity over the… Read more

What will a divorce cost me?

If you cannot reach agreement about money, the children and so on, of course the cost will be… Read more

Do I have to have a solicitor during a divorce?

No, but it can help. You might think that you should receive a vast proportion of the assets,… Read more

How do I go about changing my name?

All adults can change their name at any stage (over 18). The procedure is simple, a Deed is… Read more

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Divorce and Finances

Everybody's experience when divorcing is different. It is impossible to compare a friend or relative's divorce…

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