What are the options available to me to protect my business' brand?

There are various protections available for the different forms of intellectual property. The following is a brief summary of these protections.

Trade marks

  • Protect brand names and/or logos for goods and services
  • It grants an exclusive right to the trade mark
  • It is obtained through registration with the Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") and can last indefinitely subject to compliance with the payment of trade mark fees


  • This protects artistic work, for example, literacy, dramatic, musical, photographs etc
  • This does not offer a monopoly right as a trade mark does, however it prevents copying
  • There is no registration procedure involved, copyright arises automatically
  • It lasts for 70 years from death

Registered Design Right

  • This affords protection to new designs for consumer items
  • It is a monopoly right
  • It is obtained through registration at the IPO
  • It last 25 years from registration

Unregistered Design Right

  • This protects three dimensional shapes
  • This prevents copying
  • There is no registration required and the right arises automatically
  • It last approximately 10 years in most cases


  • This protects new inventions
  • It is a monopoly right
  • It is obtained through registration with the IPO
  • Lasts 20 years from application

Confidential Information

  • This protects secret information
  • It protects against unauthorised disclosure
  • There is no registration required and it arises automatically
  • It lasts indefinitely subject to authorised disclosure

Database Right

  • This protects a collection of information
  • This protects against unauthorised copying
  • It arises automatically and there is no registration
  • This lasts for 15 years from the creation of the database

A member of our Business Law team can provide specialist advice as to which protection is right for your business and can guide you through the process of obtaining this protection.

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