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When it comes to cancer, it's crucial that it is diagnosed as early and accurately as possible, because depending on the type of cancer, this can hugely increase your chances of recovery. Unfortunately, medical professionals can sometimes make mistakes, and a late diagnosis or misdiagnosis can result in the cancer becoming more difficult to treat, or even becoming terminal.

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can be classed as medical or clinical negligence, meaning you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you have suffered from cancer misdiagnosis, contact Forbes Solicitors today on free phone 0800 037 4625. Alternatively, contact us by email or call any of our branches across the UK in Accrington, Blackburn, Chorley, Leeds, Manchester and Preston.

Categories of cancer misdiagnosis

In 2014/15, there were 1,286 successful wrong diagnosis or failure to diagnose cases related to cancer, and such mistakes can reduce a person's chance of survival.

Cancer misdiagnosis can be divided into two categories:

  1. When your doctor or medical practitioner completely missed your illness or left it undiagnosed. For example, you may have visited your GP regarding some health issues over the years and they failed to diagnose your illness.
  2. When your doctor or medical practitioner makes an incorrect diagnosis. For example, if you have gone to your GP regarding bowel issues and the doctor diagnosed you with haemorrhoids, but it was actually bowel cancer.

Cancer delayed diagnosis

Different cancers develop in different ways and at different stages. If opportunities for a diagnosis are missed and the condition has developed to a more advanced stage, it may impact on your recovery outcome. A delay of a few months won't normally make much of a difference, but sometimes a delay of many months or years can be serious.

At Forbes, our expert clinical and medical negligence team can help you if you've suffered due to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of:

Cancer statistics in Lancashire

Lancashire, where we primarily operate, unfortunately, has a cancer prevalence significantly above the England average. Based on figures from the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), which calculated the numbers based on the GP-registered population, the England average is 2.4%, while in Lancashire it is 2.6%. Flyde and Wyre had the worst cancer rates with 3.5%, while Lancashire North has the lowest 2.6% - but this is still above the England average.

According to figures from the Lancashire County Council website, using the directly standardised rate (DSR) per 100,000, Lancashire has significantly higher rates for the following:

  • Cervical cancer: 11.4 (compared to 9.6 in England as a whole)
  • Skin cancer: 28.2 (compared to 25.2 in England as a whole)
  • Oesophagus cancer: 19.3 (compared to 15.7 in England as a whole)
  • Bladder cancer: 22.8 (compared to 19.7 in England as a whole)
  • Lung cancer: 87.0 (compared to 79.8 in England as a whole)

(Figures per 100,000)

According to the latest figures, the average rate of cancer survival of adults aged 15-99 diagnosed between 1999 and 2014 and followed up in 2015 in Lancashire was 69.3% - this is just below the national average of 70.4%.

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