Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitants do not have the same rights as a married couple, and thus in the event of a relationship breakdown one person could end up with everything, the other with nothing.

Of course a cohabitation agreement can sound unromantic, but more and more couples are covering themselves with this legal document to save financial heartache and emotional stress further down the line, should their relationship come to an end. Forbes are helping take the stigma out of these agreements with their friendly service.

Forbes expert solicitors understand that this cohabitation agreement, also known as a living together agreement, can seem daunting and perhaps very business-like and unloving. Forbes Solicitors have a specialised team to work with couples to help them better understand and agree on the terms of their cohabitation agreement, all in a friendly and helpful environment.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

Similar to a prenuptial agreement, this Living together agreement covers couples if they end their relationship and can outline exactly what they take from the dissolved relationship, and if they have to pay towards certain things. A cohabitation agreement can outline :

  • How personal savings are distributed
  • How jointly owned possessions are divided
  • How much rent or mortgage a partner will pay
  • How child support will be paid if the relationship ends
  • Plus many more elements

Here at Forbes, we have a team of sympathetic and understand solicitors who can work with both parties to outline exactly what elements will be introduced into this agreement. Working with you to decide who owns what and how financial support will be paid should it be required.

We deal with many cases concerning cohabitation agreements. For example, we can help establish who owns a house and discern whether the other party has any financial interest and what the chances are of that person claiming any financial gains should the relationship end. This includes houses that may be solely in the other party's name.

Forbes Expert Cohabitation Agreement Advice

Seeking expert advice from Forbes is the first step in ensuring both parties walk away from a relationship, should it break down, with exactly what they are owed, outlining all assets and financial implications along the way.

We tailor all our services, including those involving cohabitation agreements, to make sure we can offer the most personal and cost effective solution and our friendly advisors will help you draw up a cohabitation agreement, or if you already have one, advise you on any disputes.

If you would like help or advice with a cohabitation agreement use our enquiry form or alternatively call freephone 0800 689 1058 today.

15 Apr 2018



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