Financing Divorce Proceedings

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Depending on the complexity of your divorce or civil partnership dissolution case, it can be an expensive process, particularly if relations between partners has broken down to an extent where neither party can agree on a settlement and fair division of assets. Financing a divorce can, therefore be an issue for many people and the idea of spiralling legal costs can put some off the idea, keeping them trapped in unhappy situations.

At Forbes Solicitors, we want to demystify the costs surrounding divorce and civil partnership dissolution to help make an already difficult process less stressful and confusing.

Court Fees for Divorce Proceedings

Court fees, which the Petitioner – the person filing for divorce – pays are fixed in England and Wales. These amount to:

  • Court fee for filing your divorce or dissolution - £410.
  • Court fee for filing for a judicial separation if you do not want to formerly end your marriage or civil partnership for personal or religious reasons - £365.
  • Application for a consent order recording your agreed financial arrangements and making them legally binding - £50.
  • Application for a financial order asking the courts to decide how to divide your finances and other assets when you have been unable to reach an agreement - £255.

Different fees apply in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

If you are claiming certain benefits or if your income and savings are below a particular amount you may be eligible for help paying your court fees. Detailed information about this is available on the Ministry of Justice website.

Forbes Solicitors' Divorce Payment Options

In terms of solicitor's fees, Forbes Solicitors offer a range of payment options so that you can select the right solution for you. There is a tailored service for private paying clients – ideal for more complex cases – while our fixed fee service offers a range of service levels so that you can pick one that suits your situation and budget with prices starting from as little as £100 + VAT.

We can also offer advice on some areas for those qualifying for Legal Aid, but it is worth noting that, in England and Wales, you can only get Legal Aid to pay your solicitor's fees if there is evidence of domestic violence or child safeguarding issue within the last 2 years – although you may be able to apply for Legal Aid to pay mediation fees.

Forbes Solicitors' Divorce Law Expertise

Forbes has a specialist team of divorce and family law solicitors who can help with all aspects of divorce or dissolution – including financial implications. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is hard and so our team is sympathetic and compassionate, giving you the support you need at a difficult time.

To speak to one of our specialist lawyers, contact us today on Freephone 0800 689 1058 or use our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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