High Net-Worth Asset Division

A divorce involving complex property division which may include dividing high net worth assets, performing business valuations, and tracing significant separate property interests can present unique challenges for individuals involved in divorce proceedings. The tracking, identification and distribution of these assets can be extremely complicated and such cases require skilled, professional and experienced legal advice.

Any divorce that involves the division of property which may include high net worth assets and the resulting business valuations can present huge challenges for the individuals involved, especially when significant separate property interests are involved.

Identification and Distribution of Assets

Identifying and distributing these assets is a very complicated process and requires the kind of skilled, professional and experienced legal advice Forbes can offer. Clients are rightly concerned as to how individual assets and businesses are included in divorce proceedings and subsequently divided. Specialist legal advice should be sought early to ensure a full understanding of the process and to maximise the protection of any assets.

Forbes can advise you on all the complicated financial aspects of relationship breakdown and are highly experienced in dealing with mid to high value cases involving a large amount of assets. If there are significant assets then these may need to be valued accordingly and advice given as to how those assets need to be divided or protected.

Why do you need specialist advice?

When a large amount of complex assets are involved clients need to seek specialist advice in this area especially when there is a business or businesses at stake. Forbes work with accountants and financial advisers in making sure the best results possible are gained for the client. The business may need to be valued and all financial information provided in relation to the business and it may complicate matters if other business partners and shareholders are involved. Full advice will be given to ensure your interests are safeguarded.

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15 Apr 2018



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