Parenting Agreements

A Parenting Agreement, or 'parenting plan', is a written document signed by both parents that outlines the ground rules for how each party will parent after a separation. These agreements can cover a vast range of topics; from custodial arrangements and educational decisions for the child(ren), to rules regarding new partners or use of assets.

Generally, these sorts of agreements work best when they are flexible and updated regularly to take into account how the child(ren)'s needs will change and develop.

If, however, you want this agreement to be legally binding, you will need the help of a solicitor.

Making a parenting agreement legally binding

First you will need to get your solicitor to draft a 'consent order', which is a legal document confirming your agreement and signed by both parties.

To get this order approved by the court, you will need to fill in a C100 court form, which your solicitor can help with, and send it, along with three copies, and your draft consent order to your nearest family court. You will also need to pay the standard court fee, which is currently set at £215.

A judge will then approve your consent order to make it legally binding, unless they feel that the agreement isn't in the best interest of the child(ren).

Legal advice for separated parents

If you are considering making a parenting agreement legally binding, it is advised that you speak to a solicitor to discuss your options.

At Forbes, we understand how distressing the breakdown of a relationship can be and our expert team of family solicitors are here to help, as well as advise on any financial support issues or the options available to you in relation to any children of the relationship. To speak to our team about any aspects of parenting agreements or family law, contact Forbes today on 0800 689 1058.

15 Apr 2018



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