Fixed Fee Terms

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The work stipulated in the different levels does NOT include the following:

  1. Disbursements. These are any fees you have to pay out to any third parties, including, but not exhaustive - translation of documents, process server fees, Oath fees, Expert fees, valuation fees, or tracing fees etc.
  2. Time spent in examination of documentation (prior to any court appointment, for example) (if level 5 Court appointment, this will only cover the original court application C100, and the Court Order). This does not cover perusal of documentation and an additional charge may have to be agreed with the fee earner.
  3. Drafting documentation unless expressly stated in the relevant level.
  4. Lodging documentation either at Court or with other Solicitors unless expressly stated in the relevant level.
  5. Correspondence/telephone calls/emails either between the fee earner and yourself, or the fee earner and third parties.
  6. Receipt of documentation/correspondence on your behalf.

If any examination or perusal, correspondence, drafting, advice, representation or advocacy is requested other than that provided for in the fixed fee levels, then this will fall under our Tailored Service and will be subject to a separate invoice.

Please note that all fees are payable in advance of the work being undertaken.

In the event of inconsistencies between the Fixed Fee Additional Terms as set out above, the Engagement Letter and the Forbes Solicitors Terms and Conditions of Business then the documents shall take precedence in the following order:

  • Fixed Fee Additional Terms
  • Engagement Letter
  • Forbes Solicitors Terms and Conditions of Business


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