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If you have suffered personal injury at work due to a slip, trip or fall, and you feel it was through no fault of your own, contact the expert solicitors at Forbes and get your compensation claim underway.

Trips, slips and falls can usually be avoided through common sense and effective safety management, but sometimes accidents will happen. It is your employers responsibility to carry out the appropriate risk assessments and safety checks to ensure their workplace is safe, but unfortunately not all employers are as thorough as they should be. If they fail to take the appropriate steps to ensure your safety and you are injured as a result, it’s important to act now and get the compensation you deserve.

Serious Workplace Slips, Trips and Falls Injuries

Accidents can strike at any time, and although a slip, trip or fall can usually be shrugged off sometimes they can cause serious life changing injuries.

You may have been working on a building site and tripped over a loose flag. You may have slipped on a wet floor or you may have fallen from height due to loose handrails or scaffolding at work. There are many types of slip, trip and fall compensation claims but the most common and recurring issues our expert solicitors have to deal with everyday usually involve:

  • Tripping over trailing wires or damaged carpets
  • Tripping over Exposed oil pipes or tanks
  • Slips caused by leaking water, chemicals or oil
  • Falls due to faulty handrails, unsafe scaffolding

These are just examples of some of the issues brought to us by clients, and highlight the dangers employees face every day.

Contact Forbes for Slips, Trips and Falls Injury Claims

If you have been injured at work through a slip, trip or fall - instruct the expert solicitors at Forbes to handle your compensation claim today.

We are ISO9001 Quality Accredited and are totally committed to the development of our staff at all levels.

Start your trip, slip or fall claim today with an expert No Win No Fee Workplace Accident Lawyer just call freephone 0800 689 0973, contact us by email or call into one of our branches across the UK.

We have expert Solicitors at each of our offices based in Preston, Blackburn, Accrington, and Chorley ready to help you.

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All the way through my claim I have had matters thoroughly explained. Leonie Millard was most helpful and helped me considerably understand anything that needed to be dealt with.

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I have found all the staff and the solicitors that I have seen have been very kind, thoughtful and very helpful. I cannot praise them enough and I would not go to anyone else at all.


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Easy, regular and relevant communications both written and orally.


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The entire process from my claim being taken was dealt with in a highly professional and more importantly timely manner.

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I have used Forbes when pursuing a claim for a friend, along with every other legal matter I have been involved in, both personally and professionally. I cannot rate Forbes highly enough.

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My Solicitor always returned my calls promptly and set my mind at rest about all of my concerns. Thank you!

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I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Forbes Solicitors to anyone in the future.

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