Pricing for Debt Recovery

Forbes Collect primarily provides debt recovery services to all levels of business for the recovery of undisputed invoice based debt, contracted for in England or Wales and against debtors based in the UK. We refer to these debts as 'Qualifying Debts'.

For the majority of Qualifying Debts, we will act on the basis that will charge you only upon recovery of monies from your debtor, whether that be at a pre-litigation stage, after a claim is issued or during the enforcement process. That means that we don't got paid unless you recover money from the debtor, no matter at what stage payment is made. We think this fee structure is unique in the market.

For smaller Qualifying Debts, we charge fixed fees.

The only exception to this is when the Debtor resides in either Scotland or Northern Ireland. In those cases we charge additional fixed fees (details available on request) to cover the additional work needed to issue and serve in these jurisdictions.

Where applicable, we will also add interest and late payment compensation to the debts claimed, which is lawfully recoverable from the debtor. Recovery of these sums can significantly enhance the amount recoverable for you from the debtor and can sometimes exceed our fees for the service.

See below for details of these fees, all of which are subject to VAT at 20%.

No recovery, No Fee Service:

We charge a percentage of the amounts recovered for Qualifying Debts, with the level of the fees charged dependent upon two factors:

  • The amount recovered; and
  • The stage at which monies are recovered.

The table below sets out the range of percentages that we charge at each stage and at the differing bands of recovery. Where the charges fit within the range depends on the amount and the stage at which we recover monies for you:

  £501 - £1,000 £1,001 - £3,000 £3,001 - £9,000 £9,000 -£15,000 £15,000 +
Pre Litigation 10% 8% 6% 4% 3%
Post Issue of Court Proceedings 10% plus fixed fee (see below) 14% 10% 6% 5%
Enforcement 10% plus fixed fee (see below) 20% 14% 8% 6%

NB: The only times we will expect payment before monies are recovered are:

  • When the fixed fees detailed in the section below are applicable;
  • If an instalment arrangement is entered into with the debtor. In those circumstances, we will invoice our fees at the time we reach an agreement with the debtor on your behalf based upon the total amount agreed to be paid, and deduct those fees from the initial instalment(s) paid, if indeed we receive those on your behalf;
  • When we are entitled to charge a 'Termination Fee' for example if it transpires the claim was not a 'Qualifying Debt' for any reason. Further details of this are available upon request.

Fixed Fees:

For debts of less than £1,000, we additionally charge fixed fees, based upon the level of the debt referred to us. These are:

Service Our Fees
Issue Letter Before Action, debt less than £500 £25

Issue Claim, debt less than £500

Issue Claim, debt between £500 -£1,000 £70
Entering Judgment £22
Instructing High Court Enforcement Officer/Bailiff £50

*all the above fees are subject to VAT at 20%

Court Fees and other disbursements:

Disbursements are costs related to your matter such as Court Fees, which are payable in addition to our fees. These are payable:

  • On the issue of a claim at Court;
  • To enforce a Judgment.

Issue fees range between £35 and £10,000 dependent upon the value of the claim and these are set out at

The court fee for enforcement through the County Court Bailiff (less than £600 debt) is £100 and through the High Court Enforcement Officer's (debt of £600 or more) is £66. If unsuccessful in recovering monies, the HCEO's will also charge an abortive fee of £75 plus VAT at 20%.

There may be other disbursements that we incur on your behalf from time to time but will advise you of these in advance.

Disputed Debts and Other Services:

If the debtor disputes the debt or seeks to negotiate with us on your behalf, then we also charge fixed fees for certain elements of work we undertake, but we will always discuss these additional charges with you first. We also offer additional services for competitive fixed fees for other methods of enforcement of debts and insolvency/bankruptcy. A full list of our services and fees is available upon request [click through]

Key Stages: What's Included in Our Fees?

Whether on the fixed fee basis or 'no recovery, no fee' (and dependent upon the stage at which payment is received or the case is closed) the fees includes:

  • Taking initial instructions and review of documents
  • Opening of your file and relevant searches
  • Upload of information on to our system
  • Preparation and service of LBA
  • Processing and remitting payment to you (if required)
  • Agreed chasers to the debtor, including final demand (if required)
  • Issue of Claim (if required)
  • Entry of Judgment in default of acknowledgment of service or defence (if required)
  • Writing to the debtor after Judgment to request payment (if required)
  • Instructing County Court bailiffs or HCEO to enforce the Judgement debt
  • Reporting and seeking instructions from you throughout
  • Forwarding any defences or disputes to you

Full details of our service and the stages of the debt recovery process are found on the Forbes Collect and Debt Collection Process pages.

How long will my matter take?

Each case is different and it is almost impossible to predict how quickly payment will be made by the debtor, if at all. What we can say is that a standard case will take around 8-10 weeks to obtain a judgment on an undefended claim, depending on how quickly the Court deals with the paperwork. Of course, the debtor may pay at any stage or, indeed, raise a dispute or defence within this period. If enforcement action is needed, the matter will take longer to resolve.


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