Defamation Lawyers at Forbes Solicitors

Defamation & Slander Lawyers at Forbes Solicitors

There are many cases where words are spoken or written that cause lasting damage to a hard won reputation. This area of law has a long history in the UK, but is continuing to develop with recent examples of super injunctions, confidentiality and privacy, and human rights. At Forbes our Dispute Resolution Solicitors have lots of experience of advising defendants and claimants on defamation claims and in using the processes of the Courts to get satisfaction for our clients.

We aim to give practical and workable advice, on where you stand, what the costs and benefits would be of taking legal action against libel and slander. This is achieved whilst keeping a firm eye on what our clients want and how best to achieve it.

Our Solicitors deal with defamation claims for both private individuals and businesses. In a recent business defamation case a company was libelled by a rival bidder for a contract, we secured both damages and legal costs. For an individual who was the subject of a website libel campaign, our Solicitors got all references to the client removed from the website in a few days. We advised the owner of a sports facility on a defamatory report by a government department; a charity on dealing with a disgruntled ex employee; and a client whose personal information regarding a divorce was spread to third parties, where an out of court compensation settlement was reached.

If you have suffered damage to your reputation, your privacy has been invaded or confidential information about you has been disclosed, or if you are accused of defamation, then the Dispute Resolution Solicitors at Forbes can help you.

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