Defending a Will

In some cases, an executor or administrator of a Will may find themselves in a position where the estate they are responsible for is being challenged. It can become a distressing problem for families during the grieving period and it can also potentially delay the execution of the deceased person's assets. Dealing with a contested Will without professional legal advice can become both stressful and problematical, which is why Forbes Solicitors are able to be of assistance.

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Defending a Will

It's essential that the claim against a Will or estate is thoroughly assessed in terms of validity, which can be completed by a legal expert at Forbes Solicitors. If you are an executor of a Will, you might be faced with claims such as:

  • Claims against the contents of the Will if an individual has been promised a certain amount which is not fulfilled
  • Claims against the individual responsible for executing the Will and requests
  • Claims to rectify the contents of the Will if initial instructions have been misinterpreted resulting in an error

Claims against an executor

If you have been named as the executor of a Will, you are legally responsible for ensuring that the estate is distributed in accordance to the deceased person's wishes. However, there are a number of reasons why someone may be unhappy with the contents of the Will and this may result in a contesting a will case.

As an executor, you must ensure you:

  • Accept executor duties and preserve the contents of the Will
  • Complete any tax returns or pay debts that are associated with the estate
  • Distribute the estate according the contents of the Will

If for any instance you have not complied with your legal duties as an executor, you may face a claim against yourself. In this instance, it's advised you seek professional legal advice in order to ensure you are protected.

How Forbes Solicitors can help you

For those who feel like they need expert legal guidance when defending a Will, get in touch with the Dispute Resolution team at Forbes Solicitors. We have extensive experience in terms of dealing with disputes and contesting a will claims, and are committed to helping you defend the Will in order to get the outcome you deserve.

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17 Oct 2018

Contesting a Will


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