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13 February, 2017

Legal Assistant within our Contracts and Projects team - Housing & Regeneration Group

What I do

I work in the Contracts & Projects team within Forbes' Housing & Regeneration Group. This involves dealing with a range of matters focusing on governance, contracts and procurement. Some of the recent queries that I have dealt with include; advising on the Data Protection Act, reviewing a variety of commercial contracts, drafting procurement documentation and liaising with different regulators such as the HCA, Charity Commission and FCA.

There is a lot of cross over between governance, commercial contracts and/or procurement and being a part of the Contracts & Projects team enables us to respond to various issues that clients come across. For example data protection regularly arises whether in commercial contracts, during the course of a procurement or in the day to day dealings of an organisation. I assist with a range of data protection issues whether it is drafting or reviewing policies, assisting with Subject Access Requests, drafting or reviewing data processing clauses or agreements. Clients also want to streamline processes and ensure good value for money and in procurement we have been able to assist by setting up dynamic purchasing systems to procure goods and services and incorporating social value criteria in tenders.

I work on a variety of matters with from clients across the country. It is great to be working in a close knit team and for clients in the housing sector who have a social purpose in providing good quality and affordable homes serving a range of communities. I also enjoy working with other teams such as Housing Litigation, Development and Homeownership and Employment in responding to queries, which at Forbes we are able to do through our 'one stop shop' approach.

Another important aspect of my job involves providing regular updates to clients. We do this through various means including articles, blogs, trainings, responding to consultations and think tank sessions. We recently held training to clients on data protection, as well as organising a breakfast briefing on prioritising social value and buying green in procurement. We have also held a Think Tank session on Funding of Supported Housing with a view to respond to the Government's consultation.

Typical day in the Office

Due to the variety of matters that we deal with there is no such thing as a typical day in the office and that is what makes my job so enjoyable. There is regular contact with clients in relation to new matters, as well as providing updates on on-going work. The day might also involve conducting research, client meetings or tele conferences, discussing matters with other team members or other teams, contacting regulators, as well as drafting or amending documents.

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