Together Housing Association secure Injunction, Exclusion, Power of Arrest and Possession Order to prevent drug related ASB

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11 April, 2017

Together Housing Association have taken legal action to secure an Injunction, Exclusion, Power of Arrest as well as a Possession Order to prevent ongoing drug related anti-social behaviour.

The complaints included, amongst other things, the Defendants and their associates displaying drunk and drug fueled disorderly behaviour in and around Lister Court, Halifax, begging for money from residents, gaining access to neighbouring properties uninvited to steal items, causing significant damage to the property and communal areas, threats to neighbours, shouting, swearing, using illicit drugs in communal areas and indecent behaviour.

Together first secured an Injunction containing an exclusion zone and power of arrest against a well known local drug user preventing him from entering or attempting to enter within 50 meters of Lister Court, Halifax. Together Housing Association went on to secure an Outright Possession Order against a resident of Lister Court.

Debra Barrand, Anti-social Behaviour Officer for Together Housing Association commented 'The behaviour of each Defendant and their associates caused a great deal of nuisance, annoyance, harassment, alarm and distress to the residents of Lister Court. Such behaviour will not be tolerated. The action we have taken will enable the residents of Lister Court to live in a safe and secure environment once again'.

Amy Stirton, Solicitor at Forbes Solicitors commented 'We are pleased to have been able to achieve a swift, positive outcome in this case. The behavoiur in and around Lister Court was causing huge detriment to the peace and comfort of the other residents as well as causing a deterioration to the condition of the block itself. The approach taken by Together firstly removed the main perpetrator from the block before tackling the root of the problem and securing an Order for Possession of the Property in question'.

If you have any questions relating to this article, please contact Amy Stirton by email or on 01772 220233.

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