How can 'Build Information Modelling' benefit your business?

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17 October, 2019

Build information modelling (BIM) is a relatively new phenomenon in the United Kingdom, and involves the storing of information relevant to the architecture, construction and operation of a building in electronic form. BIM originated in the United States, though as a result of numerous government initiatives, it is now implemented within all government procured construction projects as a matter of course. Across the private sector, BIM is also becoming more prominent, with its recent inclusion within JCT contracts and professional appointment deeds now commonplace.

Businesses are commonly uncertain as to what BIM is and the benefits that it may have for construction projects. BIM represents a shift away from the traditional forms of 2-dimensional modelling, to a fully integrated 3-dimensional model that will, in some instances, include further information regarding costings and detail the full lifecycle of the project from the start to beyond completion (which would include details regarding the proposed purpose etc.). Should any changes be made to the design throughout the process, then the updated drawings can be reintegrated into the model, without the need to start from scratch.

The extent to which BIM may benefit your business will largely depend on the size of the project that you are involved in. Typically, the main advantage of BIM is that you would have an improved design (due to the scale of information that can be included), however the efficiencies created as a result can also lead to lower construction costs and increased co-operation between the parties. Conversely if you are involved in a smaller project, then it will likely be the case that more simplified designs are more suited to your purpose.

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