Travelling overseas this half term with children?

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13 February, 2020

If you're travelling overseas this half term, you made need a notarised travel consent form, which many are unaware of.

Countries all around the world have specific requirement in place when non-parents, or one parent is travelling with children. With Brexit and foreign laws changing, so do the requirements of travelling with children. It may be that you are stopped in the UK at border control, or when you reach the country of destination. Sometimes border control may separate the child and the person travelling with the child and conduct an interview to check all is above board. This is common if a child is travelling without both parents/ legal guardians.

For some countries, travel consents are now in a prescribed form (Click here to see South Africa's standardised form)

Sometimes, just the child's birth certificate will suffice if that shows at least one of the persons travelling with the child is the mother or father. However, if a child is travelling without both parents or legal guardian, a notarised travel consent form is advisable. For example, if the child is travelling with a grandparent, or on a school trip. The consent form will layout the parents details, who is accompanying the child on their travels, where and for how long they are travelling for, from and to what airports etc. Travel consent forms assist the process through Customs and Border control in both the UK and overseas. The document highlights the parents consent and provides contact details of the parents if there are any queries. The Notary Public's details will also be included so border control can check with the Notary that the document is authentic and that the Notary met with both parents who provided consent for the child's travels.

For more information contact Megan Diamond in our Notary Public department via email or phone on 01772 220204. Alternatively send any question through to Forbes Solicitors via our online Contact Form.

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