Coronavirus likely to cause spike in divorce rate

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19 March, 2020

Rubina Vohra

Leading family lawyer, Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, has claimed in the House of Lords that she expects the Coronavirus to lead to a rise in people issuing divorce proceedings.

Lady Shackleton went on to say that "the prediction amongst divorce lawyers is that following self-imposed confinement it is very likely that the divorce rate will rise."

It is well established that the rate of couples issuing divorce proceedings is high following Christmas and it is understood that this is a result of the increased pressure put on couples to have the perfect Christmas, financial considerations and also having relatives to stay.

Earlier this week, the UK government issued advice to households to self-isolate for 14 days if anyone displays symptoms of a persistent cough or fever.

Lady Shackleton told peers at Westminster "One only has to imagine what it's going to be like when families are sealed in a property for a long period of time."

It would seem that Lady Shackleton's prediction is based on the assumption that couples being forced into quarantine may cause underlying tensions to come to the surface, boil over and ultimately lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

Much in the same way it has been shown that prolonged periods couples spend together over Christmas and in the summer holidays can do.

Last week it was reported that China has already seen a spike in its divorce rates, with appointments for divorce being booked up for quite some time.

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