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07 July, 2020

One of our clients Lancashire-headquartered Engineering & Fabrication company WEC Group have recently heeded the national call to arms from the government for manufacturers to assist the country's response to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

They actively engaged with various stakeholders to offer manufacturing services to the new medical supply chains which were put together at the end of March 2020. In total, over 12,000 laser cut & fold assemblies were supplied to the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium with very tight deadlines. They were delivered to McLaren UK ahead of schedule, which allowed them to assemble the trolleys for the ventilators manufactured by Medical OEM Penlon.

WEC Group also managed to win:

  • A large laser cutting and stainless-steel fabrication contract from one of their existing clients to manufacture key medical equipment for the new Nightingale Hospitals being built at the NEC in Birmingham, as well as in Essex (six arctic lorries full of parts were delivered, again in just a couple of weeks and ahead of schedule).
  • Their Machining division also won a contract to manufacture 8,000 precision machined parts for Ventilators.
  • Their Rotherham site won a large Defence contract (£10-20m contract over a number of years).

WEC also supported all their other customers working across key industries (from medical bed, decontamination safety showers, to food processing, conveyor systems, farm machinery, defence, security and many others).

Investment has continued throughout the lockdown as they commissioned their third 10Kw fiber laser at their Laser Engineering division as well as a new additional Miyano Sliding Head Lathe at their Machining division in Blackburn. They also developed a Sentry Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - a fantastic R&D effort from their CCTV and Product Design Engineers to bring a new product to market in a very short time.

They have managed to complete large ongoing contracts which had been started before the lockdown: Pooley Bridge a new stainless-steel road bridge in the Lake District working for Eric Wright construction and Cumbria County Council, and they also completed the final site work at Rolls Royce Derby for a contract they worked on for the better part of a year.

Throughout the pandemic WEC have ensured all health and safety precautions have been taken, working through the challenges of implementing very strict social distancing rules to keep the workforce safe.

WEC Group remains committed to supporting all of their clients in key industries which are essential to the country's response to the current crisis such as Medical and Research equipment, Food Processing, and Commercial Delivery Vehicles to name but a few.

For further information please visit www.wec-group.com.

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