Snowballs and Haircuts Prove Expensive in Lockdown.

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02 February, 2021

John Myles

There was a band in the eighties that went by the name of Haircut 100. Well make that in today's money Haircut 200.

You may have heard the news that 31 Metropolitan Police Officers face fines of £200 each for taking part in a mass haircutting marathon which was in clear breach of Covid regulations.

You'd have thought that faced with years of being forced to wear their hair regulation short they'd have welcomed the opportunity to let those locks flow, but apparently not.

Hot (or should I say cold) on the heels of news of their (hair) dressing down we learn that two men who organised a mass snowball fight in Leeds which apparently attracted hundreds of participants have been fined the maximum fixed penalty of £10,000.

Whilst this was clearly an idiotic enterprise it does strike me as a tad disproportionate that two young men in their early 20s, obviously both daft as a brush, have been punished 50 times more severely than police officers who surely should have known better and failed to uphold the law that they are asked to police?

I accept that the potential consequences of the mass snowball fight were more serious simply because of the numbers involved, but even so the stark difference in treatment strikes me as somewhat unfair.

What is clear is that there is now a realistic prospect of enforcement of significant breaches of Covid lockdown rules and these well publicised examples should hopefully deter others from thinking about hair raising stunts that put others at risk.

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