How to legally change your name by deed poll

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18 July, 2022

Liz Snape

If you wish to change your name for any reason you can do so using a deed poll document. A deed poll is a legal and official document to confirm you have changed your name. Using a deed pool Is the most common way to change your name.

A deed pool is a document that contains declarations that you are legally committing yourself to. It confirms that you are:

  • Abandoning the use of your former name
  • Only using your new name
  • You require all persons to address you by your new name only.

You can change any part of your name, including adding or removing names, change the spelling or include a hyphen.

When you change your name, your new name must include a first name and a surname and must not include:

  • any words which are impossible to pronounce
  • not include any numbers or punctuations marks (hyphens are accepted for double barrelled surnames)
  • names which are deemed to be offensive.

Once you have chosen your new name, we would draft a deed poll document for you and then sign and witness this in one of our offices. This then becomes your official document to provide to government agencies and companies you will deal with for them to change your name on their official records.

Anyone over the age of 16 can sign their own deed poll document.

If you wish to change the name of your child or anyone under 16, you are required to provide written consent and identification from anyone who has parental responsibility for the child.

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