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Diversification Is The Name Of the Game


According to a recent survey the much-hyped "Credit Crunch " has changed many people's view of their future. In 2007 a reported two out of every five people surveyed believed that their family home would be the top contributor to their final retirement pot. In 2008 that figure is greatly reduced. House…

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Don't Panic!


Everything we hear or read at the moment that is remotely financial is all doom and gloom. Economies, house prices and stock markets have always been cyclical. No one knows when a correction will take place or how long a growth cycle will last. In the current crisis sub-prime mortgage issues,…

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Is your income protected?


Recent figures have revealed that more than half the population would not be able to survive financially for more than 17 days if they lost their jobs, and one in four consumers have no savings at all should they be caught out. As the cost of living continues to rise, the slowdown in the housing market…

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Mortgage Repayments - when less costs more


In recent months around one in every ten homeowners coming out of a fixed rate mortgage deal have been left no choice but to extend their mortgage or switch to an interest only deal, comments Forbes' Peter Toner. An ever increasing number of homeowners are extending their mortgage to cut repayments in…

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Mortgage fees go through the roof


Forbes Solicitors is warning anyone looking at re-mortgaging or buying a property for the first time to fully calculate their finances to avoid being caught out by increasing fee charges. In the autumn of 2006 only a handful of fixed mortgage products came with an application fee of £750 or…

Downsizing may not fund retirement


Across the UK many people are pinning their hopes on a strong housing market to provide the retirement of their dreams. More and more people are not saving for retirement. Instead thinking that ploughing all their money into the family home provides them sufficient retirement security. If downsizing a…

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Credit crunch effect on mortgages


"The so called "Credit Crunch" is making borrowers pay more attention to their mortgage" advises Peter Toner of Forbes Solicitors Financial Services Department. Here he offers some useful tips to borrowers who are looking to find a good deal. 1. Build Up A Deposit The days of 125% loans are now…

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Fixed-rate fallout


In 2003 around 340,000 borrowers took out 5 year fixed-rate mortgages. It is estimated that they will face a combined bill increase of over one billion pounds this year. Peter Toner, Independent Financial Adviser with Forbes Solicitors says. 'Traditionally around a third of borrowers either stick with…

Year-End Tax Planning


With only a few days left until the end of the tax year, here are some things you might like to think about doing before 6 April. This is not by any means comprehensive, but lists some of the more straightforward things you can do. Income Tax · Consider maximising your investment in your ISA…

The clock is ticking on ISA deadline


The last opportunity to use this tax year's individual savings account (ISA) allowance is fast approaching, warns the Financial Services team at Forbes Solicitors. The 5th April 2008 is the deadline so individuals now have only a matter of weeks to make the most of their annual allowance. Peter Toner,…

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Big dreams, small assets


According to a YouGov Poll of nearly 2,000 people in the UK, young people are not backing their retirement plans with hard cash. More than half of the nation's under-34-year-olds are not saving anything at all. They risk becoming a generation with big dreams and small assets. "Young people who cruise…

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Kick your finances into shape


Kicking finances into shape should be a priority for 2008 rather than trudging on a treadmill according to Peter Toner, Independent Financial Advisor at Forbes Solicitors. "Now is the perfect time to start saving, following excessive spending over the Christmas period and taking a fresh approach to…

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