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Last Christmas before you Divorce?


If you have simply run the Christmas errands because that is what is expected, or making efforts to put on a brave face in case Christmas celebrations would be miserable for everyone, then please be aware that you were not alone. It is not surprising that every year January is our busiest time as…

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Breaking up is hard to do


Family Solicitor Donna Amos provides answers to the questions she faces most regularly about family separations. Q - My son separated from his wife and she will not allow us to see our grandson. Before they separated our grandson stayed over at our house and came on holidays with us. Do we have…

Landmark Ruling To Open Floodgates on Divorce Settlements


A Family Expert is warning divorcing parties not to lie about their financial situation following two landmark rulings. The Supreme Court today handed down their judgments in the cases of Sharland v Sharland, and Gohil v Gohil. Although the cases involved difference facts, they were brought to the…

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Forbes' Family Team Expands


Forbes Solicitors' Family team has expanded following the appointment of specialist Family Solicitor Alex Reid. Alex, who is from Lytham St Anne's, has joined the team based at the firm's Preston office and has over five years' experience in Family Law. She is a member of the…

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"and with all my worldly goods I thee endow..."


Recent statistics show that there are now approximately 5 million divorced people in the UK, the highest number in Europe and 4 out of 10 married couples will eventually separate……it could be you! It is unlikely that you were thinking about your business assets when you recited your…

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Solicitor Warns Of Importance Of Clean Break


Family Law experts Forbes Solicitors are advising people to consider a 'clean break' arrangement or obtain an order dealing with financial matters after divorcing following a landmark case. The Supreme Court ruled that the ex-wife of the Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, could proceed with a…

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Importance of Housing in Family Law Proceedings


In the recent case of P (A Child: Use of S.20 CA 1989), the case is a family law matter but one which overlaps with housing law and the judgment shows that there is a need for a knowledge of housing law within family proceedings. The case concerned a child P, and his parents F & M. When P was…

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15 Apr 2018



Divorce and Finances

Everybody's experience when divorcing is different. It is impossible to compare a friend or relative's divorce…

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