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Dispute Resolution


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Tenant Break Notices


What is a break clause? A break clause is a term in a lease which allows a party (usually the tenant) to end the lease earlier than the contractual end date. The advantage to a tenant is that if they are unsure about the profitability of the business at that location, they can vacate sooner…

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Forbes Appoints Michael Chambers To Lead Growing Dispute Resolution Team


Leading legal firm Forbes Solicitors has appointed Michael Chambers as Partner and head of its growing Dispute Resolution team. The team has also been boosted by the arrival of Laura Hallett Lea as an Associate, Jordan Davies as a Solicitor, Andrew Wilkinson as a Paralegal and Sophie Jackson as a…

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The Power of a Part 36 Offer to Settle


JLE v Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2019] What is a Part 36 Offer? A Part 36 offer is an offer to settle a case pursuant to Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules. There are unique consequences for an offeree who rejects a Part 36 offer and then fails to 'beat…

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Releasing Restrictive Covenants


Alexander Devine Trust v Millgate 2018 What is a restrictive covenant on land? A restrictive covenant over land is a contract which runs with the land, and prevents that owner from doing certain things (usually relating to development or use). How is a restrictive covenant released /…

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Advice on Professional Negligence Claims


Advice given by professionals will be of the utmost importance to the client relying on it and be fundamental to business decisions. This may include examples such as legal advice on a significant transaction, an architect assisting with a construction project, engaging a chartered accountant to advise…

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Landlord & Tenant Update - New Eviction Form 6A s.21 Notice


A new version of Form 6A (the s.21 notice) has been introduced and must be used by landlords from the 1 June 2019. The new Form 6A (s.21 notice) can be found here: This change has been ushered in as part of the government's introduction…

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