Reduction in Redundancy Notice Period Welcomed


18 December, 2012

Employment Law Solicitors at Forbes are welcoming a change to the redundancy notice period as it will save local employers both time and money.

In an announcement today it has been confirmed that the period of notice, which employers must give to their employees (where more than 100 or more employees are being made redundant within a 90 day period) is to be reduced from 90 days to 45 from April 2013.

Jonathan Holden, Employment Solicitor at Forbes comments, "Employers must wait until the consultation period has ended before they are able to give their employees notice of their dismissal. The change will come as a welcome relief for employers, making their duties less onerous in the redundancy consultation period."

"The existing consultation period of 90 days unnecessarily delays the redundancy process, which is often completed in much less time than the law requires. The change will make it much easier for employers to make redundancies and also save them money."

Employers should nevertheless ensure that they follow a fair procedure in the redundancy consultation procedure to avoid being the subject of an Employment Tribunal claim.


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