Patent Office Warning: Unofficial Registration Services


26 May, 2007

The Patent Office has issued a warning to trademark and patent proprietors and applicants. It has emerged that there are numerous "unofficial" organisations using names, abbreviations or emblems that make them appear "official". The organisations invite proprietors to register trade marks and patents in registers or publications in return for payment of an invoice.

These scam organisations send letters resembling invoices to those whose trade mark and patent applications have appeared in recent official journals e.g. Trade mark journal. In the letters they offer, in return for a fee, "registration" of certain information.

Examples of these invoices can be found on the following websites:

Such organisations are in no way connected or linked to any official patent or trade mark office of the UK or otherwise. As the services they are offering are not official, there is no obligation to pay.

The only offices which are able to provide legal protection for patents, designs and trade marks in the UK are the UK Patent Office, the European Patent Office, the Community Trade Mark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

If you receive a letter or invoice, please check carefully to see exactly what services it is offering you and whether it came from an official source such as those listed above.

If you are in any doubt about how to register and protect intellectual property please do not hesitate to contact the Business Law Department at Forbes Solicitors on 01254 222399.


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