Fraud on the Increase


06 February, 2008

The bad news for local government in the North West is that fraud is on the increase. Regionally the North West is especially prominent and government is the predominant fraud target.

The recently published 'KPMG Fraud Barometer' shows that over 100 fraud cases worth over £100,000 came to Court in the first six months of 2007, and that this is a continuation of an upward trend that started in 2000. Government is the largest victim of fraud, but any large scale employer, such as local government, is at risk of employee fraud. KPMG refer to the 'North West Boom', which shows that the North West had the second highest level of fraud committed by region, after London and the South East in first place.

The methods of the fraudster are numerous, and can be quite inventive. Whatever safeguards are in place the fraudster's aim is to get around them.

Wherever fraud is detected or suspected we can offer a number of solutions. First, we have contacts who can set up covert surveillance in order to gather evidence which can either confirm the suspicion or, indeed, exonerate the suspect. Second, once a fraud has been detected we can work with you to make sure that you make the maximum recovery of the proceeds as is possible through legal processes, such as by freezing the assets of the perpetrator. Quick action is crucial and we can have someone working on the matter straightaway doing whatever is needed to bring it to a conclusion. If the perpetrator is an employee we can make sure that you do not inadvertently fall foul of employment legislation in dealing with them.

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