The Guinness Partnership gets Tough on Anti Social Behaviour


10 April, 2014

Guinness Hermitage, a division of The Guinness Partnership, one of the country's leading providers of affordable housing, has sent out a strong message to residents who commit antisocial behaviour in its properties by securing both an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction and a Possession Order against one of its residents.

In November 2013, Guinness Hermitage obtained a without notice Anti Social Behaviour Injunction against Maria Smith of Soren Larsen Way, Gloucester, following a violent incident. Maria Smith was arrested by the Police in relation to this incident. Guinness Hermitage subsequently began possession proceedings due to the level of complaints of antisocial behaviour that were made against Maria Smith.

After the matter proceeded to trial, Forbes Solicitors, acting for Guinness Hermitage, obtained a final Anti Social Behaviour Injunction and Power of Arrest against Maria Smith as well as a Possession Order requiring her to vacate the property.

The course of action taken by Guinness re-enforces their strong stance against antisocial behaviour and sends a clear message to residents that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted.

Following the final hearing, Lucie Cocker of Forbes Solicitors said, "This outcome shows that where there is evidence of repeated antisocial behaviour, the courts are willing to use the ultimate sanction - possession".

Guinness Hermitage Tenancy Management and Enforcement Officer, Rachel Stafford said, "We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take the necessary action to tackle the problem, occasionally having to apply for eviction which is a last resort for us. This case demonstrated a good example of multi-agency working and we hope that it will enable residents to enjoy living in a peaceful community once again."

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