Green Vale Tenant Evicted for Antisocial Behaviour


07 May, 2014

A Green Vale Homes tenant who made her neighbours' life a misery over the past year has been evicted by the housing association.

Lesley Edwards, of Staghills Road, Bacup, and her partner Darren Melody threatened neighbours and caused noise nuisance for over a year before finally being removed.

Forbes Solicitors, acting for Green Vale Homes, obtained a Possession Order at the end of February against Lesley Edwards, which was ignored by Miss Edwards but she was evicted following the execution of a warrant at the beginning of April.

Frances Clarke, Head of Green Vale Homes, said "We want our tenants to live in happy communities, where they are able to live and work in peace. But those who decide not to adhere to the rules are dealt with to the full extent of the law. Eviction is always absolutely the final straw but we're not afraid to go that far to protect our tenants.This sends out a strong message to our tenants that we won't tolerate anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods."

Lucie Cocker, of Forbes Solicitors, added: "This outcome shows that where there is evidence of repeated anti-social behaviour, the courts are willing to use the ultimate sanction - possession."

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