Soho Housing Association Clamps Down on Unlawful Subletting


15 May, 2014

Soho Housing Association has sent a clear message to those who engage in unlawful subletting in their properties.

Soho Housing Association was granted an indefinite injunction against Victor Dollero of Dufours Place, Soho, prohibiting him from subletting the apartment he occupied under a shared ownership lease with Soho Housing Association.

Forbes Solicitors, acting for Soho Housing Association, obtained the injunction following a hearing where lengthy submissions were made by both parties. Victor Dollero was also ordered to pay the legal costs incurred by Soho Housing Association for bringing legal action against him.

The action taken by Soho is proof, if any were needed, that all allegations of subletting will be investigated and where these allegations are found to be true, legal action will commence to prevent residents from subletting their properties.

Oladapo Omokan, Housing Officer at Soho Housing Association said: "Our aim is to tackle unlawful subletting and to clamp down heavily on perpetrators by sending a strong message to other tenants or residents that it is bad practice…"

Lucie Cocker of Forbes Solicitors added: "we are delighted to have achieved this result for Soho Housing Association. It sends a strong message to other tenants and leaseholders that unlawful subletting is not a risk free get rich quick scheme!"

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