Cosmetic Surgery - Do You Trust That Person Holding The Knife?


25 June, 2014

As cosmetic surgery becomes more attainable, under qualified and substandard plastic surgeons are ruining lives and getting away with it.

Forbes Solicitors are warning individuals who may be considering cosmetic surgery to make sure they know everything they can about their cosmetic surgeon before going under the knife as a surge in clinical negligence cases has highlighted the tricks below par cosmetic surgeons employ to avoid paying out for botched surgeries.

Clinical Negligence expert at Forbes Solicitors, Sara Linford has seen a spike in clinical negligence claims where the patient is unable to claim compensation after suffering botched or substandard cosmetic surgery.

Clients who pay upfront are finding it extremely difficult to claim compensation, especially where the surgeon is self-employed, as the clinic itself is not liable and claiming compensation directly from the surgeon is particularly difficult. In most cases the surgeon has insurance abroad therefore voiding any chance of a claim, whereas in other cases the surgeon declares him/herself bankrupt to avoid paying any damages.

Sara comments, "Some surgeons are going to extreme lengths to avoid paying the compensation their clients deserve. I even had one case where the surgeon's assets were under his wife's name outside of the UK to avoid exactly these circumstances."

I would advise anyone considering any type of cosmetic surgery to fully research not only the clinic they are considering using but also the surgeon - they should be registered and insured in the UK. Many of my clients have suffered permanent damage as a result of their cosmetic surgery but have no form of redress."

The solicitors at Forbes strongly suggest that if you are thinking of going under the knife, do your research and make sure you're choosing reputable surgeon with experience and a great (not good) track record of performing world class surgery.

If you have suffered due to clinical negligence or have become a victim of botched cosmetic surgery its vital you seek professional legal help from a team experienced in clinical negligence claims.

Forbes has a dedicated team of clinical negligence solicitors and litigation lawyers experienced in handling claims against health care authorities and private surgeries alike.

If you have suffered due to clinical negligence we can help you claim compensation on a no win, no fee basis. It cost nothing to enquire and all it takes is a phone call or email.

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