Zero Hours Contracts Warning


25 June, 2014

Forbes Solicitors is warning local businesses to review their employment contracts following today's announcement regarding the controversial zero hours contracts.

The Government are implementing plans to ban the use of an exclusivity clause in zero hours contracts. The often criticised zero hours contracts effectively allows an employer to employ someone without any fixed or set minimum number of hours. At the moment, those contracts can be implemented with an exclusivity clause preventing an employee from working for any other employer. It is hoped that the removal of the exclusivity clause provision will prevent misuse of zero hours contracts.

Jonathan Holden, Employment Partner at Forbes commented, "This has been on the horizon for some time now. The removal of the exclusivity clause seems a practical way forward, preventing misuse of zero hours contracts while still allowing employers the flexibility of using zero hours contracts. In many circumstances, zero hours contracts will suit both employer and employee. Now is the time for all businesses to review their contract of employment to ensure that they are ready for the forthcoming change".


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