Courts Crack Down On Missed Maintenance Payments


01 August, 2014

A Family Law expert at Forbes Solicitors is warning that missed maintenance payments may lead to jail following a recent High Court case.

Multi millionaire oil tycoon Michael Prest was handed a four week suspended jail sentence after he failed to make maintenance payments to his ex wife in line with her divorce settlement despite having the means to do so. The high profile divorce case of Prest v Petrodel has been ongoing since 2008.

Family Law Solicitor Rubina Vohra commented, "Although this is a case regarding multi millionaires, the same rules apply to everyone - maintenance payments must be made in line with settlements or the consequences will have to be faced. The Family Courts are showing that they are willing to impose any sanction necessary to ensure that parties are adhering to financial court orders."

The sentence was suspended for three months and the Judge concluded that Prest owed his ex wife and children over £360,000 in unpaid maintenance.


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