Increase in NHS charges announced


06 March, 2008

NHS Charges for in patient and out patient treatment have been levied on RTA Insurers for several years and on EL & PL Insurers since January 2007 where their insured is at fault. It has recently been announced that the charges will rise for accidents occurring on or after 1st April 2008. The new figures should be borne in mind for estimating purposes. For ease of reference the old and new figures are as follows:

.Pre 01/04/08Post 01/04/08
Treatment without admission£505£547
Daily rate for treatment with admission£620£672
Ambulance Journey£159£165
Maximum in any one case£37100£40179

Please also bear in mind that for accidents after 29th Jan 2007 any charges can be reduced by the same proportion of contributory negligence as the damages are reduced. For further information please contact Joe Winstanley on 01254 662831.


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