Racing Commentator Put Out To Pasture


10 January, 2013

A Lancashire Employment expert is highlighting the issue of age discrimination following news that former Channel 4 broadcaster John McCirick is set to sue the channel for £3 million on grounds of age discrimination.

McCirick, 72, has been axed from their racing coverage and claims that it was down to the fact that he is too old and has therefore been discriminated against on the grounds of his age.

Jonathan Holden, Employment Solicitor at Forbes said, "While it is unlikely that John McCirick will be successful in recovering the £3 million that he is claiming in compensation it raises an important point that all employers need to be well aware of. Employers should ensure that their treatment of employees is consistent regardless of their age and that they do not make the decision to dismiss them on this basis, failure to do so could mean that they become the subject of an Employment Tribunal claim."

It is important to note that there is no limit to the amount of compensation that can be awarded in age discrimination cases. The law protects employees from being treated less favourably on grounds of their age and unlike under previous legislation there is no longer a compulsory age for retirement.


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