Wigan Council Tenant Evicted and Sentenced to Six Months Imprisonment for Breach of Anti-Social Behaviour Injuction


11 September, 2014

A Wigan Council tenant who made his neighbour's life a misery has been evicted by the council and given a custodial sentence.

Paul Stankus of 95 Belmont Avenue, Bickershaw, Wigan, was given a 26 week custodial sentence after breaching an anti-social behaviour injunction. The injunction prevented Mr Stankus from engaging in anti-social behaviour, including using or threatening violence, behaving in an abusive or insulting way and behaving in a way which causes harassment or distress.

Following a final hearing, Wigan County Court found that Mr Stankus had breached the terms of the anti-social behaviour injunction 88 times and was given a 26 week custodial sentence as a result. Additionally, Wigan County Court made a possession order against Mr Stankus requiring him to leave his property and ordered that Mr Stankus pay his rent arrears plus legal costs to Wigan Council.

The course of action taken by Wigan Council reinforces their strong stance against anti-social behaviour and sends a clear message to residents that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted.

Following the hearing, Wigan and Leigh Homes, the company responsible for the management of the property, stated "We tried hard to engage with this individual and resolve the nuisance behaviour, however, legal action became necessary due to the situation continuing. We were only able to achieve this result with the help of the local community, and would like to thank the witnesses in this case for their courage and dedication to working alongside us to help us achieve a long term solution."

Lucie Cocker of Forbes Solicitors, added: "We are delighted to have achieved this result for Wigan Council. It sends a strong message to their residents that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted".

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