Diversification Conference Attracts Top Calibre Speakers & Guests


10 November, 2014

On 23rd September 2014 Forbes' Housing and Regeneration Group hosted a full day conference "Diversify or Die? Funding Development post 2018".

Registered Providers and consultants from across the country were represented and the packed audience listened to speakers from the HCA, Your Housing Group, Forbes' Housing and Regeneration Group, Igloo Regeneration, Zurich, BDO and Moody's.

The very topical issues discussed included why is diversification needed?, the risks associated with new ventures - both regulatory and otherwise; new skills required; legal issues including risk; liability; TUPE and employment law issues; risks, legal and practical issues associated with open market sales and open market rent; tax and insurance issues.

Just after lunch saw the "BIG DEBATE" where speaker panel and audience members hotly debated issues concerning the pros and cons of diversification across the floor.

Audience members also gained a real insight into a case study from Your Housing Group into how diversification can work in practice and the strategy in getting there.

Forbes' Partner and Head of Housing and Regeneration (Property), Lucy Worrall commented "We were thrilled to be able to bring this conference packed with top calibre speakers from across the country to our clients on such topical issues. The level of attendance shows how crucial the issues are to RPs and how they deal with them will shape the type and volume of services that RPs offer outside their core areas of business over the coming years."

Anyone interested in receiving a summary of the issues and solutions discussed should contact Lucy Worrall, Partner and Head of Housing and Regeneration (Property) on 01254 222393 or by email Lucy Worrall


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