Debt Collect Recoveries - February 2015


10 March, 2015

£28,848.04 was recovered for clients in February 2015.

The team recovered the full outstanding amount of £8,461 for a local Pharmaceutical system provider and for another client recovered over £6,535 which was made up of 10 invoices.

In addition they recovered £14,599.22 for an individual who had paid that amount as a deposit on a classic car. The car became unavailable and the client was entitled to recover his deposit plus costs and interest.

Alison Nelson assisted a local waste company and recovered £2,616.48 on their behalf which was the outstanding invoice of £2,214.24 plus costs, interest and late payment fee of £150.00.

If you are struggling with unpaid invoices please contact Alison Nelson or Leanne Halliwell on 0800 689 0831.


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