Boundary Dispute Warning!


24 September, 2008

Boundary disputes between neighbours are on the rise and recent cases have shown that "issues of principle" are often being taken a step too far! It is important to keep a sense of perspective when considering legal action over boundary disputes.

In a recent case one Judge said, "Disputes between neighbours tend always to compel some unreasonable and extravagant display of un-neighbourly behaviour which profits no one but the lawyers."

It is hoped that this quote is able to convey the general advice that a sense of perspective is essential when dealing with boundary disputes even though 'issues of principle' may be involved. Nothing is gained from spending disproportionate amounts of money when, at the end of it all, you may still have to live with your neighbours. There are never two winners in litigation, and even the successful party may not recover all they have spent on legal costs. So litigation should always be regarded as a last resort.

We are a territorial animal though. Some boundary disputes concern the merest inches of land, but still the case is fought through the Courts and often, at great expense.

Forbes Commercial Litigation team has vast experience of boundary dispute cases, so we are able to offer expert advice on rights, but also more importantly to give practical ways of bringing the dispute to an early, and hopefully inexpensive, conclusion.

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