Back to School? The New STPCD for September 2015


15 September, 2015

Back to School - The New STPCD for September 2015

A new School Teacher's Pay and Conditions Document has landed in time for the new school year. As per the 2014 guidance, the requirements contained within apply to all maintained schools and must be followed by all such schools and local authorities. The document does not constitute a considerable overhaul of the previous guidance, and the changes are largely restricted to introducing the September 2015 pay award.

The main developments can be summarised as follows:

  • a 1% uplift to the minima of all the pay ranges and allowances in the national pay framework (this includes the unqualified teachers' range, main pay range, upper pay range, leading practitioner pay range, the three levels of Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments and the Special Educational Needs (SEN) allowances).
  • a 2% uplift to the maxima of the main pay range - it should be noted, however, that this does not mean that all teachers currently earning the maxima are entitled to a 2% salary increase. According to the accompanying statutory guidance 'Implementing your school's approach to pay', the 2% uplift is designed to give schools, particularly those in challenging circumstances, more flexibility to tackle recruitment and retention problems along with giving them more scope to recognise the value of high-performing experienced classroom teachers who contribute substantially to improved outcomes for their pupils. It further states that an increase of 2% should only be awarded where it is merited by performance, and that consequently some teachers will receive a lower award and others none, depending on their individual school's pay policy.
  • an uplift of 1% to the maxima of all other pay ranges and allowances in the national pay framework.
  • removal of the discretionary national reference points from the pay ranges - as the name suggests, these reference points were only optional and schools were already free to depart from them, so their removal is not hugely significant. Schools are free to adopt whichever system of pay scales, within the statutory minima and maxima, as they see fit. Nonetheless, Schools who still wish to adopt a six point main and three point upper pay range similar to that decreed by the defunct discretionary national reference points may find the removal of the reference points to be rather unhelpful.

If you have any queries about the new STPCD please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Rule-Mullen on 01772 220195 or by email at Ruth Rule-Mullen.


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